DON, hailing from the city of Baltimore, this versatile MC has been rapping for the better part of a decade. With over 25 mixtapes under his belt since the age of 16, the proclaimed "menace" is directing his subject matter to things such as the opposite sex, relationships and obtaining inner peace. With a dash of horrorcore influence and a bit of conscious hip-hop, the songs of "GIRLS" are so diverse they range from straight Trap to 1990's boom bap to Mac Miller-esque New York underground. DON has something for listeners of all backgrounds whether they favor commercial rap or underground hip-hop. When he's not running his design business or making some Free Beats For Broke MC's, ( or directing music videos,  you can find this charm city wonder behind the microphone rapping about life in the most complex (or easy to understand) way possible.

“I remember telling Hero-Man --my video director and collaborator -- when my last joint came out, that I wanted something for women to listen too. My music has always been abrasive with aggressive lyrics, that’s still going on with this record, but like, way watered down.” DON describes his new CD featuring a sea of new music and when it comes to music, it’s definitely about the beats. “Most songs sample a female musician or reference a woman in some way, so it goes along with the theme ‘GIRLS’ for the album.” Most of the beats are produced by DON himself. Plus, Demenace is a fan of the popular HBO series, Girls and intertwines samples from the show throughout the CD; they add just right touch in most cases. Songs like “Dilated” and “Amy Lee” (sampling Evanescence) set the album off with an aggressive tone. The album gets increasingly mellower as one goes on however. The song “For Uncle Vernon” is about his uncle who was diagnosed with throat cancer just a few months ago. The song is touching to say the least, features amazing vocals from Wu-Tang collaborator Scott Isbell and samples the Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World soundtrack perfectly. DON kills it throughout this whole compilation. Fans of Childish Gambino, Tyler, The Creator, Snow Tha Product, Mac Miller, Logic and more will appreciate the producer, singer, rapper and graphic designer from Baltimore, MD: DON Demenace.

Please take this unique and inspiring CD, "GIRLS" and add it to your station. The beats of, "GIRLS: A Tribute to the HBO show and other inspirational females", sample just that, women in the music industry. The CD is full of sensitive and mellow songs which is quite out of character for the abrasive, horrorcore DON. Songs such as "Juicy J" sample Underworld's "Born Slippy" from the classic Trainspotting soundtrack, "Lana Del Ray" samples her hit "Young and Beautiful" from The Great Gatsby soundtrack. These songs all spoke to DON in a way the average hip-hop beat or instrumental could not, so he took it upon himself to sample it and add his own spin to it. "Juicy J" (or "Born Trippy" for a substitute) is a great track to play on a dance or BPM station. While it has a rap interlude and a singer on the intro, it is an ode to the classic rave/dance track from the 90's. This track is sure to inspire nostalgia in listeners with the word "boy", carefully replaced with "girl" to match the title of the album. Songs such as "The Same Mistakes" samples from Girls Season 1, Episode 4 and ties the album back in to the show where DON reveals skeletons in his closet not unlike the characters on that very episode where the sampled song was featured. It should be noted that samples from the popular show are scattered throughout the album as well.

As you first hold "GIRLS" in your hand, you can notice the illicit substances on the front cover, the back and the spine of the case. This is a reference to Girls Season 2, Episode 3 where the main character does cocaine and comes to a crucial point in her journey. This s also a recurring theme with DON presenting illicit substances somewhere on the cover to portray just how "dope" (get it) the particular project is. There are two versions of “GIRLS," the edited version that you guys have and the uncensored, extended version featured online. If your show is one that plays uncensored music, please contact us for the songs in a desired format or simply download them at the site below in the multiple formats available.

Female artists sampled on this CD include: TLC, Michelle Branch, Karen O. (of the Yeah, Yeah, Yeah's), Lana Del Ray and Lily Allen. Other artists sampled in this work are Black Sabbath, The Beatles and Beachwood Sparks. There are also female singles featured throughout the CD who add amazing vocals to DON’s sound. Female artists sampled on the uncensored version include: Evanescence, Fiona Apple and Darling Violetta. Girls isn't the only show on the chopping block of being sampled, DON also borrows from his other favorite, Mad Men. Rapping along with characters Don and Megan Draper as they sing on a rather funny scene from the show. Drums were added to a sampled portion and a music video is available on DON's YouTube below (witness the magic for yourself).