8 Reasons Why You Should Listen to "Marilyn Monroe"

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Below are the reasons why you should check my song "Marilyn Monroe". Excuse the hashtags, I copied these reasons from my Instagram posts over at @dondemenaceig. I was going to write an article about this, (a legit one) but I do not have time and decided to make an amazing list instead. RNS! Reasons below:

1. IT'S A RADIO FRIENDLY UNIT SHIFTER (Nirvana reference.)
This song was made to see if I could make a song for the radio, but still maintain that artistic integrity as far as my lyrics. The result was this song. Need to feel better? Take a quick listen to "Marilyn Monroe".

2. THE ARTIST (... Of the Artist's [ME] Single Cover.)
@rachcmiller87 (IG handle) , she is the artist who illustrated this unique Marilyn Monroe Medusa design I thought up. She blew my mind when I saw it.

3.  IT'S JUST GOOD (Really, I tried hard on this song: lyrics, production, paying for singer, etc.)
This song is one of the best songs I've ever released. Most of my stuff is on some #shockrap or some #underground stuff, but with this, I went above and beyond on making a song with a radio-friendly hook and a catchy beat.

4.  THE VIDEO WILL BE AMAZING (Coming soon?)
I will be shooting a music video for "Marilyn Monroe" as I will for most of the songs from "GIRLS". I may take inspiration from #Drake and have a heartfelt song with a music video featuring half naked women... Maybe not, we'll see. #baltimore #maryland #medusa #marilyn #monroe #marilynmonroe #hiphop #rap #single

5. THE STRUGGLE (Of finding a singer who actually isn't flaky and wants to sing with you :)
I tried for almost 5 years to find a steady singer. One to sing hooks for me, vocalize and other things to match the ideas in my head. After five years of flaking, bluffing and more, I finally found one and she sings on this song. Check out "Marilyn Monroe" on iTunes or #soundcloud #audiomack #youtube #datpiff #baltimore #marilyn #marilynmonroe #maryland #music #freemusic #hiphop

6. IT WAS ALL A DREAM (Biggie reference)
The beat for this song came to me one night in a dream corny as it sounds. I had the visualization for the video and everything. I had to hum the melody in my head until I was able to get to my computer to make the instrumental. #musicproducer #marilyn #marilynmonroe #baltimore #monroe #music #freedownload #datpiff #audiomack #youtube #soundcloud #itunes #hiphop #rap

7. IT'S DIFFERENT (It's a pop/rap song that is made by a horrorcore/experiemental MC, what can go wrong!?)
This song is a break away from my usual horrorcore or party songs, like most of the tracks on "GIRLS". #baltimore #marilyn #monroe #marilynmonroe #hiphop #rap #maryland #music #freemusic #datpiff #audiomack #youtube #itunes

8. IT'S ABOUT MY MOM (Girls say: "aw" here.)
"A heartfelt tribute to mothers everywhere, DON Demenace provides a lyrical and soulful contribution. Created with all moms in mind, this song is dedicated to his own."

Listen to "Marilyn Monroe" by Don Demenace [prod. by Don Demenace] below:



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