Another trapalicious banger from Baltimore County's Don Demenace, but this one is a bit different than "Snapchat Thot". Where the latter song has a repetitive, Migos-type of swag, "Own It" (featuring Baltimore City's 410Zo) has the swift-sounding autotune drenched vocals of a typical chart topping hit. The lyrics of these two Maryland MC's however, are deeply rooted in the essence of hip-hop. Don's lyrical prowess is demonstrated with multiple rhyme sequences that are displayed throughout his entire contribution to the song. Even with the hook, lines like: "shots to my opponents" rhyme perfectly with: "pop it so I'm rollin'". Don's damaging verse is full of braggadocios swag, while also inserting a nerdy and conscious message not unlike Maryland's own Logic. 410Zo kills the second verse with quick punch lines, subliminal shots, and a serious flow in his Baltimore accent. The beat for "Own It" is off the chain too. It is unclear who the producer is, but whoever it is gets the job done. Check it out now and put your friends on to this new fire from the home of The Wire.


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The shocking album recorded and executive produced in seven days is here. Don Demenace took it upon himself to attempt this feat as inspired by Tupac's "The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory". This makes it a busy 2017 for the Baltimore MC, as he released "Don The Menace" in February and a collaborative album with Canadian MC, Crackerjack entitled "Silent Invasion" in April. Get your ears bumping to this latest collection of trap, horrorcore, boom-bap and more by this versatile rapper: Don Demenace.

New music podcast series by yours truly. - Don of Music Podcast (Single Rap Female Podcast Part 1)

Check Don out as he walks from Central Park to Madison Avenue and shoots a video on the way back from an interview for his new documentary (we'll post that later).

Watch below:

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Check out Don Demenace in his version of Sublime's Waiting For My Ruca. Check the sample and see if you can identify them all!

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Listen to the newest single from Don Demenace, "All Over the Wall" on Spotify now. Don samples Josh Peck's performance from the movie "Mean Creek" in a hilarious but dark track dedicated to the pursuit of funds and money.

The newest CD from Don Demenace, "The Artist and the Industry" is now available for streaming on Spotify or buy your copy now at Google Play Music

Good music is hard to find nowadays, and even harder to make. The Artist and The Industry is the latest release from Baltimore, MD MC, Don Demenace. Everything from the skits to the album cover display an artist confined by the chains of the music industry. In The Artist and The Industry, Don struggles with being pulled towards the commercial sound of the industry, while trying to appease his artistic side and make groundbreaking music. The Artist and The Industry not only has a little something for everyone, but it is a complete album featuring popular East Coast sounds ("Brandon Bitch", "Flacco Brandon"), underground hip-hop flavor ("Run Away", "Electrick Funeral", and some experimental horrorcore ("Kill Kids") dashed in. Download The Artist and The Industry now to decide for yourself. Which side would you chose? The Artist or The Industry?
Freestyle of ASAP Rocky. 
Pictures from a 2013 or 2014 photo shoot showcasing my "Maryland Monroe/Baltimore Marilyn" t-shirt. Buy this shirt now on Society6!

Shot and edited by Brandon Winn. From the mixtape "Possesion". - For contact. @don410allday. For this latest release from the Baltimorean MC, "Possesion" is chock full of new songs from DON detail his prowess with woman as well as his weaknesses. The rapper spares nothing in revealing his thoughts on the government, the opposite sex and of course drugs and alcohol. Download this album now, but don't get caught...

Check out some shots from a photoshoot last month. We came with some costumes, props and had fun.

The newest video from DON features captivating visuals, an extremely disturbing story and a twist for an ending. Watch now and get your whole world turned upside down! The song sampled in the song is from the hit 80's movie, Flashdance and is performed by Michael Sembello. The track, from DON's upcoming mixtape, is about his obsession for money and why he's a maniac for it. Download his previous mixtape (featuring this song!) here: - Click the LIKE button and SHARE this awesome and disturbing video with your friends!

Don Demenace - Left Eye (Sampled "Creep" by TLC) [Shot By Heroman] - Sampled TLC's Creep. Shot by Heroman. Directed and edited by Don. 

Shot by Heroman. A soaring dwell into a study of race, classism, introspective thinking and more... I have brass knuckles on. 

Below are the reasons why you should check my song "Marilyn Monroe". Excuse the hashtags, I copied these reasons from my Instagram posts over at @dondemenaceig. I was going to write an article about this, (a legit one) but I do not have time and decided to make an amazing list instead. RNS! Reasons below:

1. IT'S A RADIO FRIENDLY UNIT SHIFTER (Nirvana reference.)
This song was made to see if I could make a song for the radio, but still maintain that artistic integrity as far as my lyrics. The result was this song. Need to feel better? Take a quick listen to "Marilyn Monroe".

2. THE ARTIST (... Of the Artist's [ME] Single Cover.)
@rachcmiller87 (IG handle) , she is the artist who illustrated this unique Marilyn Monroe Medusa design I thought up. She blew my mind when I saw it.

3.  IT'S JUST GOOD (Really, I tried hard on this song: lyrics, production, paying for singer, etc.)
This song is one of the best songs I've ever released. Most of my stuff is on some #shockrap or some #underground stuff, but with this, I went above and beyond on making a song with a radio-friendly hook and a catchy beat.

4.  THE VIDEO WILL BE AMAZING (Coming soon?)
I will be shooting a music video for "Marilyn Monroe" as I will for most of the songs from "GIRLS". I may take inspiration from #Drake and have a heartfelt song with a music video featuring half naked women... Maybe not, we'll see. #baltimore #maryland #medusa #marilyn #monroe #marilynmonroe #hiphop #rap #single

5. THE STRUGGLE (Of finding a singer who actually isn't flaky and wants to sing with you :)
I tried for almost 5 years to find a steady singer. One to sing hooks for me, vocalize and other things to match the ideas in my head. After five years of flaking, bluffing and more, I finally found one and she sings on this song. Check out "Marilyn Monroe" on iTunes or #soundcloud #audiomack #youtube #datpiff #baltimore #marilyn #marilynmonroe #maryland #music #freemusic #hiphop

6. IT WAS ALL A DREAM (Biggie reference)
The beat for this song came to me one night in a dream corny as it sounds. I had the visualization for the video and everything. I had to hum the melody in my head until I was able to get to my computer to make the instrumental. #musicproducer #marilyn #marilynmonroe #baltimore #monroe #music #freedownload #datpiff #audiomack #youtube #soundcloud #itunes #hiphop #rap

7. IT'S DIFFERENT (It's a pop/rap song that is made by a horrorcore/experiemental MC, what can go wrong!?)
This song is a break away from my usual horrorcore or party songs, like most of the tracks on "GIRLS". #baltimore #marilyn #monroe #marilynmonroe #hiphop #rap #maryland #music #freemusic #datpiff #audiomack #youtube #itunes

8. IT'S ABOUT MY MOM (Girls say: "aw" here.)
"A heartfelt tribute to mothers everywhere, DON Demenace provides a lyrical and soulful contribution. Created with all moms in mind, this song is dedicated to his own."

Listen to "Marilyn Monroe" by Don Demenace [prod. by Don Demenace] below:

The newest mixtape from Don Demenace that he calls his best release to date:

"I remember telling Hero-Man --my video director and collaborator -- when my last joint came out, that I wanted something for women to listen too. My music has always been abrasive with aggressive lyrics, that’s still going on with this record, but like way watered down”, Don describes his new CD from the producer Free Beats For Broke MC’s aka Don Demenace (his rapping alter-ego). It features a sea of new music. Beats from the past instrumental CDs are slaughtered as well as brand new instrumentals. It’s definitely about the beats, “Most songs sample a female musician or reference a woman in some way, so it goes along with the theme “Girls””. Most of the beats are produced by DON himself. Plus, Demenace is a fan of the popular HBO series and intertwines samples from the show throughout the CD; they add just right touch in most cases. Songs like “Dilated” and “Amy Lee” (sampling Evanescence) set the album off with an aggressive tone. The album gets increasingly mellower as you go on. The song “For Uncle Vernon” is about his uncle who was diagnosed with throat cancer just a few months ago. The song is touching to say the least, features amazing vocals from Wu-Tang collaborator Scott Isbell and samples the Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World soundtrack perfectly. DON kills it throughout this whole compilation."
Download here or listen below

Shot by Don himself, this video is the result of his 10 hour trek to T-Hill, Canada. After meeting with online collaborator of 7+ years, Crackerjack, they shot this video and released it a month later.

Get the mixtape that started DON on a new sense of writing, lyrical metaphor arrangements and concepts never explored before. Synopsis below:

"For this latest release from the Baltimorean MC, Possession is chock full of new songs from DON detail his prowess with woman as well as his weaknesses. The rapper spares nothing in revealing his thoughts on the government, the opposite sex and of course drugs and alcohol. Download this album now, but don't get caught..."
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